Shoot 360 FAQ

  • As members, can we just show up to workout without an appointment?

    It is always best to schedule your appointment using your phone app or online access. There is no guarantee that you will have space to work out without a scheduled appointment.It is always best to use your login access on our mobile app to schedule your workouts or call the facility to check on court availability.

  • Can I just come in and shoot?

    Shoot 360 is a membership-based facility where all members have unlimited access to the facility based on their membership level. Non-members can still have access to the facility if they choose to pay a walk-in fee.

  • Can we sign up for a membership online?

    No, all memberships are initially signed in the facility in order to explain membership details, gain proper signatures, and take correct payment.

  • Do you have sibling or family discounts?

    No, we currently do not offer family discounts.

  • Do you offer season/summer specials?

    We offer a month to month membership for those that are not able to commit to the year contract. Occasionally we may offer a special promotion period.. But, that is only in special cases advertised by individual facilities.

  • How long can we stay in the facility?

    Members can schedule 30 minutes of shooting and 30 minutes of skills, both of which are done in our cages, once a day. If there is space available and a member has checked with our front desk, they may be able to do additional skill work in the cages. In addition, members may also be able to take classes, personal training sessions, or participate in clinics. Minors under the age of 18 years old, who are unaccompanied by an adult, may only be in the facility for 90 minutes a day.